Update C standard headers to C++ standard headers
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Small script to update C standard headers to CPP standard headers.
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[ cmd + script ]
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MIT License
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Renan Lavarec
I wanted to convert old C headers to C++ headers, I made a script for it :)

Update included C headers to C++ headers

Small script to update included C headers to C++ headers.


  • Python 3

How to use it

  • Execute the script :

Set the directories of C++ files to update them to C++ headers with commande line.

WARNING: Before execute the script, BACKUP YOUR FILES !!!!
    py tr.py.update_include_for_cpp.py  --sourcesDir "C:\dev\cpp_to_new_cpp"


If needed, you can update the script

  • Edit the python script:

    • You can add some other excluded path inside "listExcludedPath"

    • You can add some other file extension inside "listExtensions"