TR Smart Baby Easy Monitor
- Resume:
Software to help you monitor your baby on the PC with the Smart baby monitor of Withings.
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Ti-R License (freeware)
- Copyrights:
Renan Lavarec
I made this software to watch easily my baby on my PC with the Withings Smart baby monitor that I purchased some times ago.
- Help:
• It can be on the top most of all the apps.
• You can set the transparency to see through.
• It is easily resizable.
• There is no border to minimize the impact on the screen.
• Better latency than the original access through browser (A delay of about average 1s instead of average 10s).
• You need to enter your login/password to access to the camera (Your password is saved as md5 on the hard drive, it enables the software to automatically log-in the next time you launch the app).
• Only tested on LAN.
- Change log:
- Version 1.1.9
* Fix installer problem unlinking softwares openning link under Windows 10.

- Version 1.1.7
* Fix an icon problem inside Windows Volume Mixer (The icon of TRSBEM was too big)

- Version 1.1.6
* Port fix (because withings update protocol and remove port)

- Version 1.1.5
* Fix carriage return on the login text
* Add copy
* Change Path name
* Fix saving automatically the password

- Version 1.1.4
* Update Icon
* Add change log
* Fix icon in alt tab

- Version 1.1.3
* Add License

- Version 1.1.2
* Update installer