Qt Window Background Transparency with Custom paint
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Tutorial to make a window with a custom draw transparent per pixel under Windows 7/10.
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Renan Lavarec

Tutorial to make a window with a custom draw transparent per pixel under Windows 7/10.

This tutorial will highlight how to make a software running with window background transparency.

This tutorial is made from scratch.


  • Qt

You need Qt5 and Qt Creator to compile it.

What you need to do to make it work on your own app.

Make the window transparent

    // Set opacity to 1 to the window

    // Set no system background

    // Tell the windows will be transparent
    setAttribute(Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground, true);

Paint event : draw round red rectnagle with transparency

void MainWindow::paintEvent(QPaintEvent *)
    QPainter painter(this);

    QPainterPath path;
    path.addRoundedRect(QRectF(10, 10, width()-10*2, height()-10*2), 10, 10);

    // Set Antialiasing
    painter.setRenderHint(QPainter::Antialiasing, true);

    // No pen

    // Fill the round rectangle with transparency red
    painter.fillPath(path, QColor(255, 0, 0, 100));

    // Load logo once
    static QPixmap tLogo(":/res/logo_demo_ti-r.png");

    // Draw centered logo
    painter.drawPixmap((width()-tLogo.width())/2.0,(height()-tLogo.height())/2.0,tLogo.width(),tLogo.height(), tLogo);

    // Update font size
    QFont font = painter.font() ;
    font.setPointSize(font.pointSize() * 3);

    // Message to close the app
    painter.drawText(QRect(0, height()-70, width(), 70), Qt::AlignCenter, "Alt+F4 to close");

If you draw a pixmap you build yourself, do not forget fill it with transparency first

    QPixmap pixmap(tSize);

That's it, have fun !!

Change log

- Version 1.0.0
    * Release